Thursday, October 10, 2013

which are the best savings in banks or insurance education ?

Saving money is a good thing for us to do , especially to meet the needs in the future . Given the inflation rate in Indonesia is increasing. Future needs of the example is education for children .

Education plan for children should we do as early as possible , ranging from 1 -year -old son , so that in time our children enter school as parents do not have to worry looking for funds to pay for school tuition .

In the insurance papers explained that the importance of saving functions in the future then we have to decide where to save the safe , which of course has advantages compared with savings elsewhere . Most people choose a place to save on some financial institutions such as banks or insurance companies . So which is the best , save in the bank or insurance ?

In Saving Bank
There are some banks who have savings deposit program for children's education , by offering benefits withdrawals within a certain time period other than that there is also the offer of a prize draw directly from the bank . You need to dig the fullest information about this product before deciding which will save money , you should know first about the system is flexible setorannya whether or not , you also have to think about the risks of life that could have happened to you ( critical illness , permanent disability , death ) that causes can not deposit money for children's education savings funds have been able to direct liquid or forfeited because the customer can not meet program requirements have been made before ? Will the bank give compensation to customers who are experiencing the disaster ? ertanyaan This may seem trivial but it helps us ask first so not wrong in choosing educational savings programs for children .

Saving on Insurance Companies
Saving for child education insurance the company is basically the same as the system if we save in the bank , if the difference is the way you save and your savings plan targets have not been reached, but you did something you ( critical illness , permanent disability , death ) , then the insurers will provide insurance and guarantees to replace your child's education savings deposit until the time period specified in the insurance policy that has been agreed upon between you and the insurance company .

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