Tuesday, October 1, 2013

public enthusiasm insurance will need back enhanced

Although life insurance growth in Indonesia continued to experience rapid growth , but when compared to the growth of insurance in another country , Indonesia can still be said to be far behind , in other countries are very diverse types of insurance to have insurance tubuhpun care .

Indonesia 's growing insurance industry is expected to be stable with the awareness of the importance of insurance is not evenly distributed , even if the claim is to be paid the insurance companies is increasing as well , it shows the progress of the development of a balanced , because the return on the insurance goal to protect people's lives and welfare of the people's survival .

The enthusiasm of the community needs to be increased through the re- insurance information through a variety of media , so pertumbuhannyapun experienced similar things , especially in this era of globalization of community participation in the insurance program will greatly assist people facing the possibility of bad in life , especially the surge in the cost of education is increasing.

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