Saturday, October 5, 2013

the benefits of life insurance savings

To meet their needs in the future , most people do with saving money . By setting aside a portion of income for savings . The future needs for example to children's education , medical expenses , working capital , buying a new car , as well as for the preparation of the old days , or sometimes also to meet unforeseen needs . For example, a family member is seriously ill so costly .

Often we find many people who have the belief that saving is better than buying an insurance product , perhaps even including us , but whether we 've realized that by having investments in life insurance savings we will gain greater financial benefits to saving in the bank ( conventional ) and plans for the future we will be easily achieved ? To prove this let us look through the illustration of the comparison below :

example :
Sir Jon is currently 29 years old and had one son who was 3 years old , he has a plan that 15 years later hoping to have enough fund of 180 million , to put their children to college. To realize this plan pack heru monthly saving 1 million , then what would happen if in case pack Heru he had an accident that resulted in disability or death in year 4 before the target savings achieved ?
• Savings in Bank ( conventional )
Jon died so pack the product and savings will berahkir heirs will receive according to the amount of savings deposited by heru pack , when the pack Heru who died at age savings - 4th year the heirs would only receive 48 million plus interest . If the pack heru not die but suffered permanent disability , he was the backbone of the family can not continue to save because of difficulty making a living , even the funds that have been collected for the purposes of education , which was originally used for the purposes of child threatened by other more urgent , because we can save money in the bank grab cash at any time . And what about the plans for his lecture ? Certainly it would be difficult to be achieved .
• Saving and investing in Life Insurance company
By the time the pack Heru death the beneficiary will receive the full amount of bail funds listed on a life insurance policy . If the pack heru suffer permanent disability due to an accident , then the savings of 1 million per month which should be the responsibility of Sir Jon will be paid by the insurance company until the contract expires as stated in the insurance policy . If he dies the heirs will still receive the sum assured in accordance with the insurance policy contract . For example, 180 million ( although the number of new Jon savings pack 48 million over 4 years ) so the above illustration is clear that the ideal pack to lecture her son Heru will be more easily achieved with the help of insurance .

From the examples above illustrate , we can conclude that the savings investment in life insurance benefits better protection against the value of your money for the long term , and provide assurance to the achievement of future plans , in addition to life insurance also gives you a sense of security and freedom from feelings of worry if this happens - the unexpected .

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