Monday, October 7, 2013

health insurance for entrepreneurs

Health insurance for some people still considered less important , especially if you 're young and never got the disease . Insurance is not a product that can be consumed in the near future , the benefits can only be felt when there is an accident or claim .

If you are an entrepreneur or work in the informal sector who do not have health insurance , it will be a disadvantage if you are going to buy a new insurance policy when you have severe pain and a lot of money for hospital treatment .

For an entrepreneur if you get sick or suffer permanent disability due to an accident will have a lot of financial losses , because they have to bear the cost of treatment themselves , and can not make a living . Than if you are working in a large company or government diinstansi work , usually will obtain health insurance that would cover the cost if the pain and bulananpun fixed salary paid .

Thus health insurance should be held as early as possible before an event that we do not want to happen , especially if you work as an entrepreneur or work at a company that does not provide a guarantee kesehatan.Informasi insurance is very important for you to know the type of insurance and products .

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