Wednesday, October 9, 2013

full explanation of the insurance policy

When it comes to insurance , one of the terms most frequently referred to is the insurance policy . Actually what is the insurance policy ?

Definition of an insurance policy is the insurance document that contains the agreement between the insured ( customer ) with the insurer ( the insurance company ) . Thus , the insurance policy is a contract that the insurance company will cover a number of future losses that may arise on insurance customers . Sometimes , people call this insurance policy also with the term ' contract ' , ' contract polis ' , or ' certificate of insurance.

This insurance policy is important for customers and insurance companies . Here's the function of the insurance policy .
- As written evidence for both sides ( the insured and the insurer ) in a deal that has been agreed upon .
- For customers , the policy means the guarantee of reimbursement from the insurance if something unexpected happens as stated in the policy . Looking for an insurance company , the policy means a premium receipt from the customer .
- For customers , the policy means the insurance premium payment receipt . With the policy as well , customers can sue the insurance company if it does not fulfill the obligations as agreed in the insurance policy.

Before you decide to buy an insurance policy , you should first know the benefits and details of the insurance product . Likewise when the policy is issued , you should carefully read their points across . Especially in the following sections .
- Note the premiums . Also mentioned in the policy premium to be paid . Make sure that the premium payment system as previously promised by the insurance agent .
- Insurance benefits . On the insurance policy clearly stated what are the benefits that you can receive . You need to study them carefully to ensure that you can match the benefits they've promised .
- See exceptions . You need to also understand what are the exceptions that make insurance benefits can not be enjoyed .

If you already have an insurance policy , there are some important things you need to keep well .

Policy number . When dealing with the insurance company , you will usually be asked about the policy number . Because it's very good for you to keep the policy number . For example , you can save the policy number on the phone . So if at any time it takes , you can easily find it .
Save the policy file . Keep the insurance policy carefully . So that if you need can be easily retrieved .

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