Saturday, September 21, 2013

why insurance education important ?

Why is education important insurance - It depends on how important children in your life as a parent . Any parent would answer that the child is the most important thing in life and wish their children to be happy and secure future .

Provide a good education is one of our duties as parents , role of parents is very important here , which is to prepare the education fund to ensure that their future is assured at every level of education that must be traversed starting from kindergarten , elementary , junior high , high school to university . Well , one of the challenges for parents is the high cost of education along with the risks that may happen to the breadwinner when preparing the cost of education for your children anaknya.Untuk was forced to be more careful in choosing the type of insurance for your child's education .

Insurance education is very important because it can protect your ideals and your child even when the main breadwinner dies or other affected families that cause economic disruption . Many events around us like a husband who died at a young age , or hit by accident while working so that disability , or critical illness that came too early but his children still need cost of living and education , while his wife just plain housewife who has no income , so that they are experiencing financial difficulties that led to the child from going to school .

Another case if you have insurance education , then you do not have to bother anymore to prepare funds for education because it has been prepared early . You do not need to pawn goods , neighbor to borrow money or sell valuables in order to meet the cost of education when the child goes to school and all the financial risks that may occur in the breadwinner transferred to the insurance company . In the article insurance education insurance indirectly we have set up a legacy for the children's education fund .

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