Thursday, September 26, 2013

understanding fire insurance

To understand about fire insurance , we have to understand what it fires .

Definition of the word " fire " until now there has been no single definition that is absolutely and definitely generally accepted ,
Definition of the term " fire " based on common sense and simple is
 " Burning of an object that should not be burning that occurs outside the kiln and fire arising not withdrawn its benefits . "

Some other sense of the term fire :
1 . Fire is a fire that spread out on his own strength and burn incinerator other objects .
2 . Fires can be interpreted as a combustion process , which occurs oxidation takes place so fast that cause flames or incandescent . Charred or heat alone is not a " Fire "

In relation to insurance , term fire above it needs to be on condition that :

Fire is happening suddenly and unexpectedly and beyond the knowledge of the insured . This is consistent with the basic understanding of risk , which is an uncertainty of the loss .

Further understanding of the term " fire " within the scope of Fire Insurance , requires to be really no flame or flames during the fire event . Thus it is clear that the objects without burning charred or scorched by the flames, not included within the meaning of the term Fire in Fire Insurance .

So that the flame can arise , there are three elements that must be met , namely :
a. There must be a source of considerable heat .
b . There must be a material that can catch fire .
c . There should Oxigen .

The three elements above is known as a component in " TRIANGLE API " , as if all three elements are met , it will cause the API , but if just one element is missing, there will be no API .

conclusion :
Definition of Fire in Fire Insurance is
" Fire on the objects that should not be burned , occurred outside the kiln , the fire is not drawn benefits arising , and occurs suddenly and unexpectedly and beyond his knowledge " .

Understanding Fire Insurance , is
" An insurance or insurance that provides coverage for loss and / or damage to property or the interests of the insured and inflicted or caused by a fire which is guaranteed in the policy " .

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