Saturday, September 21, 2013

is there a medical test on life insurance

Is there a medical test on Life Insurance - Currently the individual already understand and know the benefits of insurance for themselves than in the first kala.Mungkin also it's based on the premise that the more critical to the survival of future mendatang.Tetapi there is one question about life insurance this , is there a medical test before we follow the life insurance ?

It seems rare that insurance companies provide medical testing facility earlier in life insurance products , most of these companies are just asking just history diidap diseases by potential pelanggannya.Dan provide input only to make it more convincing potential customers to follow asuransi.Apabila is no medical test facility insurance company , this is very helpful at all and so much more convincing prospective insurance customers for life insurance program , because they are physically able to know that their health can not always primed and asuransilah answer for them to anticipate .

For me personally also do not know what will happen 10-20 years , are still able to live a normal running prime ? Means if my current age of 28 years must still fresh and primed to make a living for myself and family , but what if 10-20 years in the future if they could ? Maybe you also will not know the answer bukan.Untuk that I personally think that this is the actual function of life insurance products , which will replace me as the breadwinner when I was 60 and was no longer productive .

Penah insurance described in the article that 95 % of Jews to invest his money in insurance , with a ratio of 75% of the income goes to insurance and 25 % for spree - foya.Dan you can see , their lives practically equivalent to one another because they want poor or rich they are aware of and understand the differences of function tersebut.Itulah insurance in Indonesia , 65 % of Indonesian people still do not understand the actual function tersebut.Mungkin insurance can be said that here the comparison is inverted with the Jews , they would rather spend the majority of their income and just set aside a little for savings alone , has not it huh? hehe , , , only you know

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